About Drew Harrison Racing Shells
Drew Harrison offers three models of racing shell, International, Competitor and Club Racer.  The three models are dimensionally identical and all three are constructed from varying combinations of cabon, Kevlar, fiberglass and Nomex honeycomb.

The International is built to FISA minimum weight and is the stiffest and lighest of the three models.  The Competitior is nearly as stiff as the International but is more competitively priced.  The Club Racer is dimensionally identical to the other two models but is built to withstand the wear and tear of repeated daily club use by the addition of fiberglass reinforcement.  Club Racers are true racing shells that win their share of races, including some at the Canadian Henley this past season.  The boat to the right is a 72kg Club Racer

All three models are available with either wing or traditional riggers at no difference in price.  Aluminum wings are provided with the Club Racer and Competitior, carbon riggers are standard on the International.  A wide variety of colors and color combinations are available and are included in the price.

An up-close look at a Drew Harrison shell will reveal why we say that "No one builds a better racing shell at any price." There are two Drew Harrison shells at Vesper Boat Club now, a 90kg Competitor single and a midweight quad and a Vesper member has ordered a lightweight single.  Penn A.C. will shortly take delivery of a Competitior double at the same time that a Competitior single is delivered to a customer at Viking Rowing. 

To arrange a "hands -on" look at a Drew Harrison shell or for more information call

           215 205 9148 or email robin@jonesrowing.com.     

More information is available on Drew Harrison's website:
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